My Social Deck for Android


My Social Deck lets you to manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one cool app.

Android app on Google Play

Features supported on Facebook include:-

  • Facebook feeds
  • Facebook status update
  • Facebook photo upload
  • Facebook like
  • Facebook comment update

Features supported on Twitter include:-

  • Twitter home timeline
  • Twitter compose
  • Twitter reply
  • Twitter favorite
  • Twitter re-tweet

Features supported on LinkedIn include:-

  • LinkedIn feeds
  • LinkedIn share status
  • LinkedIn like
  • LinkedIn comment updat




Privacy Policy

  1. This app doesn’t know or store the user credentials for any of the social networks supported and uses the token based (OAuth) authentication mechanism. The login page is directly provided by the social network service.
  2. The app stores the social network feeds and images on the phone for offline reading and better  performance. This cached content is automatically purged when new content arrives. This cached content is not accessible by any other application and is completely private to this app.